About Svoge

СВОГЕWelcome to Svoge municipality!

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At the heart of the Iskar Gorge, in the breezy and cosy valley,  hidden in the bosom of the Balkans, lies our neat little town. Its name is Svoge.

Verdent and hospitable, surrounded by beautiful fairy tale nature, our city is preferred by many people as a place for recreation and tourism. High above the city, peak Grohoten meets lightning and thunder and below in the lowland, the river Iskretska quietly flows into the turbulent Iskar. Three mountains touch the ridges around Svoge and their embrace earnestly defends our city from the angry winds and storms. Bird songs and the happy sounds of children playing can be heard throughout the day and in the fresh mountain air can be sensed, the delicate flavour of chocolate.

The place where the city is located, seems like it is blessed by God. Even the name of Svoge suggests this. Some people believe it comes from the word “vault arch”, because the legends tell, that such a vault really existed over the river Iskar in Roman times, but then it collapsed. It was used as a natural bridge between the two shores of the river. According to others – the name comes from the word “svode”, which in the local dialect means the gathering/infusion of several rivers. According to a third – it means “With God is…”, and we believe that the latter assumption is true.

This is Svoge.

Sunk in the folds of Stara planina between three smaller – Mala planina, Golema planina and Ponor, our city breathes, lives, pulsates and is fraught with love, wishing to share the beauties, which surround it, with all the people of the world. And you are welcome!